Against the Bible


Against the Bible


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The Bible was written too long ago

The theory is that the Bible is no longer valid because it was written so long ago. How much time needs to have elapsed until a concept that has been recorded in a document becomes null and void? A few milli-seconds? A few minutes? A few hundred years? Have the laws of gravity become null and void since Newton first documented them in 1687? How much time needs to elapse before that occurs?

How much time needs to elapse before documented facts turn into so called "fairy tales"? It would appear that the delusional tendency of disbelief of historical facts occurs when someone is exposed to any set of facts not personally discovered within ones own lifetime.

The astronomer Copernicus (1473-1543) proved the earth was round, not flat. Will we again believe that the earth is flat because it has been too long since its first discovery?






























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