Against the Bible


Against the Bible


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I don't want to believe in God because I don't want to change my lifestyle.

Atheists dont want to believe in God because they don't want to be held accountable for their actions. While an understandable objection this is essentially wishful thinking that is unrelated to the facts. Recall that denial of the facts does not change the facts.

Just because you are given a choice of what to believe does not mean the reality of existance will change to suit that choice. Similarly, ignoring responsibility does not make it go away. Keep in mind that when you assume the ostrich position during a fire, inevitably your butt will get burned.

The proof is when an atheist is asked "if it could be proven that Christianity were true then would you beleive?" and the atheist answers emphatically "No". Although atheists claim to want to rely on reason, the facts show that they really are trying to avoid accountability for immoral behavior.




























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